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Justin Peterson: CFI / CFII / MEI
Phone: 830-200-0051



1) The following documents are for information and cross reference only and may contain errors or outdated information.
2) It is ultimately the pilot's responsibility to verify all information.

Aircraft Specific:

C-150/152 Checklist
C-172M Checklist
C-172S Checklist
C-172S G1000 Checklist
BE-76 Checklist
PA-200 Checklist
PA-44-180 Checklist

General Documents:

Aircraft Dispatch Form (click HERE for interactive spreadsheet version)
Navigation Log (Interactive)
Accident Mitigation Checklist
Arlington Radio Ops
Cockpit GPS Starter Guide (you can read the full version HERE)
FAA Communications Brochure
Garmin GNS 430 User Manual (click HERE for the quick reference version)
KLN94 User Manual (click HERE for the quick reference version)

Private Pilots:

Flight Syllabus
Procedures Manual
Solo Requirements
Practical Test Standards
Checkride Checklist (Part 61)

Instrument Pilots:

Approach Procedures 2.0 (old version HERE)
Instrument Study Guide Part 1 (check Hatcher Aviation for latest version)
Instrument Study Guide Part 2 (again, courtesy of Hatcher Aviation)
Instrument Practical Test Standards
Instrument Checkride Checklist (Part 61)

Commercial Pilots:

Commercial Practical Test Standards
Commercial Checkride Checklist (Part 61)


BFR Checklist
C172S Quiz
Fixed Gear Checkout Form
Pre-Solo Quiz 1
Pre-Solo Quiz 2
Pre-Solo Quiz 3
Solo Requirements
Instructor Practical Test Standards

Beyond Instructing:

Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot - Best interview prep book ever!

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